Caramel Apple Bread Pudding

Caramel Apple Bread Pudding

1 can of apple pie filling (puréed)
1 cup milk
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
2 eggs or 1/2 cup egg substitute
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon of all spice
1 large baguette french bread
1 cup chopped peeled apples
1/2 bag of glazed pecans
1/2 jar of caramel sauce or ice cream topping
1/2 cup whipped topping
1 container of vanilla ice cream
Top with vanilla ice cream and Whipped topping if desired.

In a large bowl, combine the apple pie filling purer , milk, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and all spice. Fold in bread cubes, and apples; let stand for 15 minutes or until bread is softened. Fold in the glazed pecans and pour into an 8-in. square baking dish coated with cooking spray. Bake, uncovered, at 325° for 35-40 minutes or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean. Pour caramel sauce over dish and bake for another 15 minutes. Serve warm with whipped topping or vanilla ice cream. Refrigerate leftovers. Yield: 8 servings.

Designer Staircases Present a Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Utility

Author: seema patil

Well designed interiors can augment the aesthetic appeal of any house. While working on the interiors, it is imperative to stay focussed on the basic elements and render a unique, creative dimension to them. When we talk of concentrating on the basics, the stairs of a house come to mind. How people choose to design the stairs of their house is a matter of personal choice. But when looked at from the aesthetic as well as utility point of view, stairs definitely come across as an important component of a well designed house. Not only that, a well designed, maintained and accessorised flight of stairs can either add a touch of glamour or complete a specific design theme to the house interiors.

A staircase is a practical necessity in any house. Whether a house is built in a classic style or a contemporary one, the choice of banisters, balustrades and handrails of the staircase greatly impact the overall design. For instance, while most old, traditional colonial houses have large banisters and an elaborate staircase with carved handrails, the modern ones may flaunt a spiral staircase and curved banisters with designer metal handrails and decorative grills. Converting spiral stairs into show pieces for in-house libraries or family rooms is also quite in vogue.

Of custom made stairs, Melbourne continues to become renowned as a place where most home owners want to experiment with newer and bolder styles of banisters, balustrades glass and handrails while maintaining parity with the overall style, design and theme of the house and its interiors. From practical utility to high value artistic renderings, with stairs Melbourne is indeed witnessing an experimental revolution in terms of designs and varieties.

There are more to stairs than one can fathom. Besides being used for reaching upper and/or elevated sections of a house, stairs can also be used to add life to an otherwise dull space – in a unique manner.  When designing a staircase Melbourne home-makers are taking the opportunity to add a new touch to a room or liven up a flat corner of the kitchen while making it easier to reach high lofts or change the balustrades glass to give the interiors of the house a complete makeover!

Typically, stairs are expected to be a long-lasting addition to the interiors of a house. Therefore, they must be versatile to withstand time as well as rapidly changing interior design trends. With stairs Melbourne designs offer this flexibility to home owners across the city and suburbs with design specific to the home styles in their particular area of Melbourne. Whether one requires a grand french provincial staircase for a new home in Balwyn or modular stairs for a functional renovation at a holiday home there is an extensive choice of high-utility and fine-quality designer stairs available to suit one’s individual style, interior requirements and budget. It’s not what you pay but how you plan that achieves a great staircase in your home.

Your search for elegant stairs, banisters, balustrades glass and handrails ends at Signature Stairs Melbourne. The company has years of experience in providing classical stairs, grand stairs, glass stairs as well as art-deco banisters, designer handrails and bold balustrades.  Graceful designs, intricate detailing, strong and sturdy built and affordable price tags providing value for money are some of the prime features that distinguish Signature Stairs from the others. Selecting traditional curved stairs that induce a grand feel to your home interiors or wanting to choose from an alluring range of sensuous handrails – the company has inspiring staircase designs and styles that will add a touch of finesse to your home décor.

To browse through Signature Stairs’ exquisite and awe inspiring collection of custom made staircase, balustrades or banisters, please visit

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Outdoor Furniture – Modern and Beautiful Furniture for Your Patio

Author: Outdoor Fireplace

With houses growing in size and many rooms accumulating the space, the manufacturers of furniture are coming up with different types of furniture for varying rooms. There are different styles of beds, chairs, patio furniture, etc. that have taken the furniture world by storm. People have been demanding such furniture for setting up their homes and giving them a ravishing appearance. One of the modern trends that have begun to take shape is designing of the outdoors. People are choosing outdoors as a spot to unite with their family and friends and designing the outdoors has become one of the key elements while furnishing a house. Patio is an outdoor area generally used for entertainment. There are varieties of outdoor patio furniture that are available in the market which you can buy to decorate the garden area of your house. A patio umbrella could attract guests at first sight.

When you are a home owner, having a well-designed outdoor area can benefit you in a lot of ways. By designing an area like your patio, you can use it for several purposes. The patio furniture is available in many varieties like wood, metal, etc. The designs in which they are available are of unique shapes and the mastery behind the designs is to be applauded. When you want to change the appearance of your outdoor, you must consider doing it full and not just an area or so. All you have to do is choose the furniture that suits your outdoor the best. While at it, you must take into consideration the area of the exterior and the outdoor design that will make the area look pleasant.

There are several things that you must consider before buying patio furniture for your outdoors. Designing the outdoor might be one of those things. You can seek design services for this as there are many indoor and outdoor designers who will offer you their designing advices. While buying patio furniture, you must take into consideration the size of the outdoor area and if they will complement the existing furniture in your house. There are websites of such furniture manufacturers which you can look at and even purchase online. You have a wide range of options to choose from. So before making the final decision on a piece of furniture, keep in mind the above mentioned pointers.

You can also go online and buy casual furniture for furnishing your home. They are exotic in appearance and come in wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. There is an entire collection of commercial furniture that you can set up either in your office or at your home. The furniture is of high quality and comes at affordable prices. You can look at the designs on the website of the furniture manufacturers and if you like any, you can buy them online. With the availability of so many designs and colors among the furniture, you are bound to have a hard time in selecting the proper furniture.

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Give Your Home Office a New Attitude – Try These Home Interior Ideas

Author: Rachel

When you work from home, or must constantly bring work home with you, the right home office decor can make this a room in which you enjoy spending time. With our following tips, you will be able to choose a  interior design and decorating scheme that bests suits your personality.

1)      Choose the right desk. Your desk is the center of your home office. This is where you will be spending the majority of your time, and it will be among the first things that guests notice when they walk into your home office. It is important to choose a desk of the right size. If it is too small, it will not adequately store all of your things. If it is too large, then it will become cluttered more quickly.

2)      Invest in shelving or bookcases for storage. Having extra shelving or bookcases on hand will equip you to stay more organized. When it comes to your actual workspace, keep on the essential items, such as pens, sticky notes, and a stapler, on hand. Decorative items, such as family pictures or awards, should be relegated to your additional shelving.

3)      Invest in an armoire chest for additional storage. A well organized armoire or chest is a stylish and efficient method of keeping additional papers, files, and office supplies organized. It is also a great method of saving space if you do not have a lot of additional space in your home office.

4)      Introduce an element of nature into your home office with bonsai trees. Bonsai trees are also an excellent method of introducing color and style into your office. Most bonsai trees are small, and they are grown in small pots or trays. Even full grown, these trees are quite small, so you do not have to worry about them taking up too much space.

5)      Invest in a bulletin board. Keeping a bulletin board near your desk will allow you to remember important information and important documents readily by your side. You do not have to choose a standard corkboard. For more stylish options, look for a French memo board or a decorative bulletin board. This type of bulletin board will be ornamental, as well as practical.

At we give you help and direction to start your home interior design projects right away. You can turn your home into a beautiful oasis, without spending hundreds of dollars on interior designers. For more tips on taking your home from plain to chic! Visit us today: White Interior design or  Interior Design Ideas

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Swimming Pool Trends You Can Rely On

Author: Sean Prian

f you are lucky enough to already have a pool on your property, why not revitalize it by adding a few modern features? On the other hand, if you have budgeted to afford the installation of an in-ground pool, consider some of the latest enhancements to your design. By including interesting characteristics, such as fiber optic lighting or a water fountain, you can add a few dollars to the resale value of your property. Plus, in the meantime, you and your family get to enjoy it all.

Saltwater Pools

The use of saltwater, instead of freshwater, in a swimming pool has been around for a long time, only now becoming more popular. Homeowners like salt water pools for the natural factor – there are no chemicals added to the water. The pool is filled with freshwater, a special salt cell system is used and salt is added to the water. As the salt dissolves and the water runs through the cell, the salt molecule is split into chlorine and sodium. The result is clean water that will not burn eyes, discolor hair or stain fabric. When the pool is drained, there are no harmful chemicals released into the environment; in fact, the water can even be safely drunk. The start up costs are a little higher, but the maintenance costs are much less than traditional freshwater pools.

Beach Entries

For those who are constructing a brand new pool on their property, consider a beach style entry. Despite the name, this type of pool entry does not include sand. It refers to a gradual sloping walkway into the pool. With each step the swimmer moves deeper into the water. This is a great feature for those who find entering a pool troublesome, such as the elderly or physically disabled. Families with young children will also appreciate a beach entry to the pool as they can gently walk into the water holding an adult’s hand instead of being carried down a ladder or steps.

Water Fountains

Fountains and rock waterfalls that feed into your pool are a great way to ambiance to the pool area. There are several other benefits as well. The gentle sound of running water creates a sound barrier, which will in turn give you some privacy in the pool. Conversations are not as easily overheard by nosy neighbors. The constant flow of water through a fountain or waterfall into your pool also helps to keep the water clean. The water is constantly moving, preventing stagnant areas from developing. These water features can be very simple or very elaborate. If you have an existing pool, a fountain or waterfall can be added depending on the size and shape of your pool.


The technology enabling Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting has been around for over a century, but its practical use was not discovered until 2006. Since then, the LED market has exploded with these long lasting, durable light sources being used in almost any application – including the swimming pool. They are great for pool lighting simple because of their long life but also because they do not produce a lot of heat. Fiber Optic pool lighting is the most cutting edge light feature to hit the market. The effect is incredible with fiber optics. There are a multitude of colors to choose from, even color changing fiber optics that rotate through a set pattern.


No, not lawn edging or hedge edging- swimming pool edging! Many resorts and high-end hotels have opted for an infinity edge pool, and now the feature is becoming increasingly appealing to families designing their own pool. The infinity edge is constructed so that water flows over the side of the pool and is caught in a basin, much like a moat. The water is re-circulated through the pool, which in turn aids in keeping the water clean.

Specialty Features

This is a fairly broad category. As homeowners look for more bang for their buck they want their special needs met. For example, they may request a pool be constructed in a non-traditional shape in order to fit a certain area of the property. Or perhaps, the use of high-end glass tiles will be requested. Glass tiles are available in many colors and effects, all of which create a highly customized look to the pool. Pool decks are another area where special features care being asked for. For families with children, fences and locking gates are a popular demand. These safety features no longer need to be the mundane chain-link fence that ruins the look of the whole pool area. There are now opportunities to have nicely stylized wrought iron fences and gates, or beautiful custom wood barriers.

The world of residential swimming pools is so much more now than it was in the 1960’s, when the trend of privatized pools began. Chlorine treated water is no longer the only choice, lighting is far more dramatic and water features aren’t’ just for celebrities homes anymore. If you are considering an upgrade to your existing pool or want to put in a new one, take a look at all the new trends. There is a lot to choose from.

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Stamping Concrete-do it yourself and Save Money

Author: John Mindrup

Stamping Concrete-Do It Yourself and Save Money

You will want to start out by picking your colors.  Some folks think that this can be one of the most complicated parts of stamping concrete. But as long as you are not to picky I’ll show you how pick out your colors.  You may choose to start off with color swatches, the best way I have found to pick your color from a color swatch is to pick a color from the swatch and then go back one or two colors to get the actual color that you want.  This is very similar to picking out a color that you want to paint a room.  There are many variables such as indoor lighting and the other colors in the room (sofa’s, rugs drapes etc.) that you wish to paint.  I am sure that you have picked out a color at the paint store and started to paint your room and suddenly you noticed it just doesn’t seem to match the color you picked from the color swatch, from the paint store.  This is what I call perceived vision.

If you can understand what I have just mentioned this also applies to picking out a color for your stamped concrete job, there are many variables of perceived vision, such as sunlight and surrounding colors, such as the color of your house, landscaping and grass. One other way to pick your colors is to visit your decorative concrete supplier and check out some of the samples or photos they may have hanging on there wall.  You may ask them or any one else if they know of somewhere there is a stamped concrete project is at so you can see the actual finished project and see for yourself how it either blends or contrast with the surrounding landscape.

Let’s start pouring and finishing your stamped concrete project, I suggest that you start with no more than 100 square feet.  First, let the concrete truck driver put the color into the concrete truck for you, and let it mix for at least 10 minutes.  Often you may notice some streaking of the color as it comes out of the concrete truck, not to worry.  You will want some color differences as this will resemble the natural colors of what ever impressions or stamp that you have chosen for your project.  For example if you look at a rock you will notice that it has many shades of the same color and often some other colors.  Your next step will be to insert the concrete into your forms, you will need what is called a screed board or a 2″x 4″, the purpose of a screed board is to level out the concrete inside of your forms and to also knock down the aggregate or rocks inside the cement.  Drop the wet concrete inside your form work and leave it about a ½” higher than the top of your forms.  A good way to get a rough grade is to use a tool called a concrete rake or a square edged shovel will do.  After you have gotten the concrete ½” above your form work you can start the “screed” process.  You will definitely need someone to help you with this process.  After you have found someone to help you, here is what needs to be done. Each person will get on one side of the screed board, as each of you will start to pull the concrete towards the end of the form work leveling as you go along.  At this point you will need a bull float to close the surface of the concrete.  Generally you will run the bull float from top to bottom across the concrete overlapping each previous pass approximately 50% and then repeat the process from side to side.  Do not worry about getting it completely flat, as once you begin to stamp it will not be flat at all.  Do not get hung up on small dips or small elevation changes in the concrete. Now you may begin to edge the perimeter of the concrete with an edging tool, again do not get hung up on doing this perfect, especially if this is your first time. Now you will run a fresno across your project in the same manner as the bull float.

Ok you are ready  to stamp your project. Before the concrete truck gets there, you will want to pour the liquid release into a garden sprayer and also get yourself some surface retardant and do the same.  Liquid release simply allows you to place the rubber stamp onto the concrete without removing the finish of your concrete, the surface retardant will slow the setting time of the concrete if you feel you are getting a little behind.  Simply spray the area you will be placing your stamp with liquid release and the stamp itself before you place the stamp onto the concrete.  You will not want to spay the entire project at once as this will speed up the setting time of the concrete and it will more than likely dry up before you get to the end of your project.  Lay each stamp down and set the next stamp tight against the stamping mat that is already on the concrete, making sure that the handles on the stamps face the same direction. If you have help it is best to designate a specific role for each person.  What I mean by that is, one person will spray the liquid release, one person shall pick up and place the stamp mats and the other person will actually step on the mat and make sure it has left a good impression. Repeat this process until you reach the end.  One other thing you might do while your stamping is to use a roller tool to flatten out the bead that will form when you place the mats together.  You may also want to do this process with a hand grinder after the concrete sets.

Let your project cure (set) for about 3-5 days and it is time to add secondary colors or the antique stage.  For this you will need to pick out an antique agent, I suggest you use charcoal or grey for your first time.  You will also need to get some xylene, one gallon for every 80_90 square feet.  You will then add 5 tbsp. of antique agent to the xylene in a 1 gallon garden sprayer and stir or shake for about 45 seconds.  In a circular motion spray the secondary colors, or antique, onto the stamped concrete project, ( spray only a small area at first, let it dry and you should see a light dusting on top of your project) keeping in mind to spray some areas thicker that others, while being careful not to spray it on to thick, this will give you a more natural looking finish.

Let the xylene dry and apply two coats of; non-yellowing, solvent based acrylic sealant.  Your project will be a lot darker when you apply the sealant than you anticipated, not to worry, the sealant also needs to cure.  Within a day or two it will lighted up to your perceived vision.

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Hello, my name is John Mindrup, for over twenty five years I have made a living doing what I love.  I have spent the better part of those twenty five years creating works of art within the decorative concrete industry.  Prior to attending one of the nation finest art institutes, I worked for my father’s concrete company.  After I graduated I decided to combine my two great passions in life which were art and concrete.  At the time there was an explosion of new technology in the concrete industry.  After twenty five years my body had told me to give up the long hours and the hard work.  I have found a way to remain in the decorative concrete industry without actually having to drive to work every day. Now my morning commute is on the “information super highway” I am able to do this via the Internet. How to Crete

Make Your Home Look Elegant with Glass Stairs

Author: Tru Curve

Everyone dreams of a home of his own and it’s an investment of a lifetime. Having a mere home doesn’t always serve the purpose unless you decorate it according to your own choice. Starting from the furniture to door and windows, everything deserves to be perfect since it’s your dream home. So if you are done with the furniture, doors and windows, here’s something for you to check. You can try glass stairs for your home. They would look completely different from the other houses and it’s a new way to tough up your home interior.

The stairs that you would choose largely depends on the kind of furniture you are having. There are spiral stairs which looks very elegant and classy. The materials that are mainly required for staircases are wood, glass, metal, special materials etc. Among these, wood is more suitable for making traditional furniture and it is mostly preferred by the most people who are for conventional designs. Metal and glass materials also look good and especially for those who prefer modern style. The glass stairs are fashionable item for your home and mostly purchased by young generation.

Glass is found to be used by people since last century. They have their various uses starting from a shower screen to covering the largest buildings. Glass doesn’t require much maintenance and another factor is that you need not need to repaint it.

Laminated glass that is used as a windshield in vehicles is one of the most important security devices in the auto industry. It protects from the injury that may be caused from the shattered glasses or the flying objects. It is otherwise known as safety glass. Three structural layers of glasses are required in auto industry – two of regular glass and one of a substrate that is connected with the glass. It has to be taken care of that there are no dirt or dust particles on the layers of the glass. The dust would make the glass brittle and would be easily broken. After making sure that the glass is cleaned properly, they are connected together with the help of the substrate.

Air bubbles are another problem that is to be taken into consideration while making the glasses. To get rid of this, the glass structure is pressed with a giant roller that forces the air bubble to escape. The interlayer that is there in this type of glass is made up of Polyvinyl Butyral. This interlayer prevents the panel to shatter in glass pieces. The bullet proof glass is hardened by additional materials that are used while making it. The glasses also have fire protection facility that prevents them from breaking when they are exposed to fire.

The good thing about the glass is that it is not scattered while it’s broken they do not get scattered thereby injuring people. The laminated glass is used in jewellery stores, shopping malls or any other showrooms apart from being used as windshields in vehicles or as glass stairs. They are also used in mosaic and glass sculpture.

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Tru Curve who is a freelancer author, shares a lot of knowledge glass designs with her experience in the sector of engineering. You may visit for more info from

Secrets To Great Bathroom Design And Decorating

Author: Lee Dobbins

Bathroom remodeling ranks number one among America’s most commonly performed home improvements. This is because today, many individuals consider their bathroom to be some kind of personal retreat, a separated space from the noise outside, where they could relax with complete privacy.

The bathroom is no longer just a space for one’s personal hygiene. Today’s design possibilities for bathrooms are limitless.

The standard rules do not apply anymore. Function, openness, performance as well as easy to clean and maintain materials usually top bathroom requirements. When designing your bathroom, take into consideration layout of bath pieces, cabinet placement and your choice of finishes.

Bathroom remodeling cost depends on how much or how little you opt to put in it. A simple improvement that includes a new bath vanity top, accessories and light fixture will cost under 1000 dollars, while a major bath remodeling, taking everything out then begin from scratch can cost 10,000 dollars or more.

With all available new materials, innovative products and design styles of today, your dream bathroom can actually turn into much more than a toilet, shower and sink combo.

Bathroom design Ideas

1.Set a realistic remodeling or makeover budget. When establishing a budget, take into account your bathroom design ideas that you want and if you can afford them.

Also, take note that it is less expensive when you do not anymore relocate the plumbing fixtures like the sinks or toilets; if you have a small budget, consider incorporating the present layout of your bathroom into your new design.

2.Think of function first. Always take into account functionally in mind as your bathroom is your workstation for getting ready for your day ahead as well as your place for recovering and resting after a hectic day. So keep these in mind when selecting your shower, tub, toilet, sink and other bath pieces.

Furthermore, think about what other needs you have that you can include into your bath, with some clever and careful planning; maybe you want to put a seat into your shower or a linen storage space or a “steam room”. Think what you really want, but give prime importance to your needs first, then second, your wants.

3. Collect bathroom models and design ideas. These will be a big help on your project as you can visualize your finished project as well as your remodeling professionals can have an idea on what your requirements are.

Here are some ideas:

– If your bathroom is large enough, you can either a wicker chair or display case. – Mix and match colors for your bathroom. This is fun alternative to a white or gray bathroom. Have fun cool and relaxing colors such as you can turn your bathroom into a beach-like retreat investing in cool shades of blue towels, rugged or distressed antique shelf, a series of colorful picture frames, etc. – Introduce fresh flowers, potted plants or cut tree branches and arrange them in vase. These can liven up your bathroom. – Bring the outside into your bathroom. Put some sea shells, candles, instead of tiles, you can choose to have lime stones in one wall as your focal point with an iron vanity, large plants and wind metal chimes. – Get inspiration from your friend’s house, from an expensive restaurant, a spa or a hotel room.

4.Look into popular design trends in bathrooms.

– Second sinks now are getting to be very popular and trendy in bathroom remodeling because they permit two individuals to use their bathroom together. – Separating your toilet from all other bathroom needs is another trend nowadays. – If you include a shower only in your bathroom, think of replacing it with a “bathtub” that can serve as both a shower also. Whirlpool tubs are becoming popular in bathroom designs today. – A spa-like bathroom is the most popular trend today. So aside from whirlpool baths, natural stone walls and wood flooring, try to open up your bathroom with large windows so you can see nature’s beauty outside as you relax.

Designing your bathroom space must not be just another remodeling project. The focus today has to do with your overall pampering needs and self rejuvenation in your bathroom.

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Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles Offer A Feeling Of Luxury

Author: Kristy

In this world, modern homes make full use of natural stone floor tiles rather than wood. This kind of natural stone flooring is not new. In fact, it’s been in use for many years. People use these because they offer a feeling of luxury. When you install them in your home, it might create a formal or informal mood, depending on the kind of natural stone you make use of. Generally speaking, natural stone floors are the most formal while flag natural stone for floors are the most informal. What make stone material floor tiles really beautiful would be the colors and patterns.

Indian stone mosaic tiles offer a feeling of luxury:

When you decide that it’s about time you redid a part of your home, you will need plenty of inspiration. Some people have an eye for these things and they can pinpoint exactly what is dragging down the design. Others need to refer to magazines, television, the Internet, and several other resources for ideas. Either way your room is undergoing plenty of scrutiny. Oftentimes you will realize all that’s needed is an easy fix. Modern homes make full use of an Indian stone floor tiles rather than wood.

This kind of stone material for flooring is not new. In fact, it’s been in use for many years. People use these because they offer a feeling of luxury. When you install them in your home, it might create a formal or informal mood, depending on the kind of stone you make use of. Generally speaking, floors are the most formal while flag stone floors are the most informal. What make natural stone tiles really beautiful would be the colors and patterns. If you wish to renovate the stone floor in your house making use of slate Versailles pattern natural stone floors then you definitely must see this publish.

Before buying these types of an Indian floor tiles as well as bring in help to set up these, you must realize bad and the good part of these types of tiles. You must not forget to see if you query any supplier about these stone floor tiles or any other natural stone material such as slate mosaic, then you’ll simply come to be aware of positive/good functions. There are an abundance of wall tile choices for bathrooms and kitchens and as well as being an abundance of designs and styles, there are many tile materials in which to choose from. Home owners very often use more than one tile material in one room and may combine ceramic tiles with glass wall tiles or mosaic tiles with porcelain tiles. In order to have the best possible outcome in your home decoration, proper planning is crucial. Whenever you take a decision in haste, you will come up with an outcome that you’ll regret. If you are thinking to alter your home interior or building up a new domicile then stay sincere while making the selection. You can come across variety of tiles in the market but when it comes to furnishing your house, you should become more alert.

If you want to refurbish the natural floor material within your house utilizing slate versa-tiles pattern stone for floors then you should look at this post. Before you purchase these types of tiles in addition to bring in help to set up all of them, you must realize bad and the good part of these types of natural stone tiles. You must not forget to observe if you issue any kind of provider regarding these stone flooring tiles or other flooring tile such as slate mosaic, then you’ll just become aware of positive/good functions. Mosaics can be made out of anything from old plates, broken bottles, or even timeworn china. This is a good way to really give your lawn or garden walk way some neat character.


Kitchen Design Ideas and Tips for Make Your Dream Kitchen at Home

Author: Paradise Kitchens

It is a thrilling and exciting task to design your new kitchen or renovate your existing kitchen. For this, you need to consider some important facts. A foremost thing is that the actual beauty of a kitchen depends upon its design. It doesn’t matter how much space is there and what type of appliances you have in your kitchen, an appropriate kitchen design can create lots of changes to your kitchen. If you want to give your kitchen an elegant look, you should go for a perfect kitchen design. It is not that simple to come up with a suitable design, so it will be your job to educate your kitchen designer regarding your priorities and requirements. You can also go to the nearest kitchen showrooms to buy elegant appliances for your kitchen.

Ask yourself if your kitchen is just a place to prepare meals for your family, or whether it also serves as the place where you entertain your close friends and have family gatherings. Before going to plan your kitchen design, consider how your food is prepared and what kind of appliances you use or planning to buy for your kitchen.

After considering all the above points, you should consider other crucial points, like architecture, kitchen cabinets, color schemes, sinks, lighting, faucets, fixtures, furniture and countertops. Kitchen fittings and cabinets can either be custom-built, or you can have one of those, which can be easily found in various kitchen showrooms. This way, you can plan your kitchen design according to you requirements.

The kitchen design, settings and the appliances change from one family to other. The design can depend upon how big the family is, what the size of kitchen is, the standard of living of the family and the time usually spent in the kitchen. Other thing that you can consider while designing your kitchen is that how much moving space is required.

These days, modern kitchens mostly have an island concept. It is usually placed in the center of the kitchen, and acts as the place to store most of the kitchen items, and offers additional countertop space as well.

There are many home-related magazines available from where you can get the ideas to renovate your kitchen. There is also the choice of dropping by the local kitchen showrooms to get the look on the available kitchen models. You can get various classy items for your kitchen in these kitchen showrooms, which can make your kitchen elegant and attractive.

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Top 8 Tips for a Functional Patio

Author: Kelly Boudreau

What are you supposed to do with your patio besides sit on it outside? There are a lot of things you can do to transform your boring patio into another functional room of the house! Take a look at these top 8 tips for a functional patio and get ready for a patio makeover!


  1. Create a poolside lounge. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can easily transform your patio into the perfect place to soak up the sun. All you’ll need is some patio lounge chairs, books or magazines, and a table to set your cold drink pitcher on.
  2. Set up a reading nook. When the temperatures cool down at night you’ll be glad you have this patio area to read your next novel. There are plenty of affordable patio lighting options so you’ll be able to read late into the night.
  3. Grow your own vegetables. You can easily fence off a small area of your patio to grow fresh produce. When you’re cooking in the kitchen you can step onto your patio and pick the freshest ingredients!
  4. Set up an outdoor yoga area. Use a small space on your patio for outdoor yoga mats for your next yoga session. You’ll never have to rush to yoga class to get a spot on the crowded studio floor again!
  5. Make an outdoor game room. The patio is the perfect place for game playing. Many times breakable things are kept inside, so the patio is the perfect place to get rowdy! Set up a bean bag toss and compete against family and friends.
  6. Create an outdoor kitchen. Everyone loves to eat meals outside so why not cook outside too? With a portable charcoal grill you can easily prepare a home-cooked meal out on the patio and in the fresh air. Your neighbors will smell the delicious food from blocks away!
  7. Set up a cozy outdoor fire pit. You patio can be functional all year round with the addition of a fire pit. Enjoy the warm fire with the whole family by roasting marshmallows after dinner!
  8. Create an outdoor art studio. Bring your paints, brushes and canvases to the patio; your creativity is limitless outdoors. Get inspired by nature and create your next masterpiece!

There are so many ways you can enjoy the outdoors; why not bring some of them home to your own patio? Follow these top 8 tips for a functional patio and your patio might be your new favorite room of the house!

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